An unexpected find: A Chief officer on the OOS Prometheus

August 4, 2017 - Rebecca Baker

For the past three years, the OOS Prometheus has been anchored in the Campos Basin in Brazil on an offshore heavy lift/logistics support project for the country’s leader in oil well exploitation Petrobras. Atlas Professionals has been involved in recruiting for the OOS Prometheus and the OOS Gretha. Read More
Keeping Business Afloat: SCALDIS introduces new vessel GULLIVER for 2017

May 17, 2016 - Rebecca Baker

With the decommissioning market prospering in the current economic climate, the summer season seems to be radiating a positive glow on the offshore industry. As always, the industry is part of a balancing act, with some markets prospering more then others. However, with more people looking for work, industry leaders have learnt to adapt to the current situation to deal with the challenges ahead. One of these companies is SCALDIS Salvage & Marine Contractor NV. Read More
Waiting to Board the Paradise: Atlas Chief officer on Maiden Voyage of Vroon Vessel

October 21, 2015 - Rebecca Baker

After re-joining Atlas Professionals 5 months ago, Raitis Kirsakmens visited the Atlas office in Riga to discuss the latest opportunities within our company. Since then he has already been assigned to work on Vroon’s Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) VOS Pace and will later be transferred to the VOS Paradise. In August 2015, the new PSV vessel VOS Paradise was delivered to Vroon Offshore Services. The second of Vroon’s PX121 type vessels was built by Cosco Guangdong shipyard in China. Read More
Guiding a Team: Igors Bistrovs Chief Engineer

January 9, 2015 - Rebecca Baker

With experience comes knowledge, and like many of our professionals they use that knowledge to encourage others in their field. Chief Engineer Igor Bistrovs is one of those professionals. Read More
Operating Cranes; a physical and mental challenge

July 4, 2014 - Israel Gil

“I did well in university and enjoyed the classes and the life as a student a lot. But I spent most of my free hours in the harbour where I was initially hired to assist experienced crane operators.” Read More