Update on Rijkswaterstaat: Atlas places 40 personnel to the Dutch fleet

It has only been three weeks since Atlas Professionals began its collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat. Since then Atlas Professionals has placed 40 maritime personnel across the Rijksrederij on a variety of coastal and inland projects.

Since 1st December Atlas’ Urk office has already supplied maritime personnel to Rijkswaterstaat fleet that consists of Patrol, Coastguard, Oil recovery and survey vessels. The majority of positions that Atlas have supplied are Able Seaman, Cook, Steward, Chief Mate and Master.

Water Management in the Netherlands  

The Dutch government body has the responsibility of managing and maintaining national waters which include the North Sea, the IJsselmeer region, the Southwest Delta and the rivers and canals in the Netherlands.

Each region has its own characteristics and unique qualities that need to be maintained for different social functions such as fishing, agriculture and shipping. Overall, Rijkswaterstaat manages 67.858 km² of waterway.

Rijkswaterstaat Projects in 2016

Rijkswaterstaat has a number of water management projects throughout the year such as the renovation of dam complexes in major rivers and the development of the Delta program throughout the Netherlands to ensure a sufficient supply of fresh water.

Atlas Professionals is proud to have been selected as the exclusive supplier of temporary nautical personnel for Rijkswaterstaat and looks forward to the next phase of our collaboration in 2016.

For more information about working at Rijkswaterstaat, please contact our Urk office, send an email to urk@atlasprofessionals.com or call +31 527 20 02 50. You can also register via www.atlasprofessionals.com/rijkswaterstaat