Waiting to Board the Paradise: Atlas Chief officer on Maiden Voyage of Vroon Vessel

After re-joining Atlas Professionals 5 months ago, Raitis Kirsakmens visited the Atlas office in Riga to discuss the latest opportunities within our company. Since then he has already been assigned to work on Vroon’s Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) VOS Pace and will later be transferred to the VOS Paradise.

Adding to the Fleet

In August 2015, the new PSV vessel VOS Paradise was delivered to Vroon Offshore Services. The second of Vroon’s PX121 type vessels was built by Cosco Guangdong shipyard in China.

Working with Vroon Offshore Services

“Vroon was one of the first companies to employ me when I started working in this industry,” explains Raitis, “I worked on both the VOS Precious and the VOS Pace as a Dynamic Positioning Officer (DPO), working my way up to CO.”

For the last five months, Raitis has been spot marketing on the VOS Pace, assisting in a number of different operations, “recently we were working on some platforms located near the Shetland Islands and some cargo operations out of Great Yarmouth and Den Helder. On the VOS Pace my main task was to drive alongside the installations; as CO you are second in command, and have the responsibility of most operations onboard. This will include things like overseeing cargo operations, answering emails and phone calls and inspecting all maintenance procedures, every day is different.”

VOS Pace & VOS Paradise

Raitis explains how the VOS Pace & VOS Paradise are unique compared to other vessels he has worked on. “Both are unique in size; I remember working on smaller vessels in the North Sea that are vulnerable to the harsher weather conditions. However the VOS Pace and the VOS Paradise are customized to deal with these issues. The shape of the vessel also helps with the vessel’s stability making operations run a lot smoother on board. My role and the project is the same as it was on my previous vessel, I just hope it’s in a warmer climate,” laughs Raitis.

Unique Qualities

The x-bow design of the PX121 ensures smoother vessel movements and greatly improves the vessel’s fuel efficiency. Although the VOS Paradise will ensure the comfort of its crew, Raitis explains how everything will not be plain sailing. “Every new ship is a challenge, it doesn’t matter how good a quality it is you still have to be prepared to face some minor problems; touch up jobs that need to be addressed. However, on my last trip on the VOS Pace we didn’t encounter any issues, making my job a lot easier.”

With his transfer to the VOS Paradise, Raitis prepares for the next challenge in his career, “I’ve always said that you need to have ambition in this industry and be focused 24/7. The VOS Pace was a great vessel to work on but with new challenges comes new problems to solve, who knows what the VOS Paradise will bring.”